Pod device selection

Pod device selection

All pod systems fall into two categories: open and closed systems. Their main difference is the possibility or impossibility of refueling regular cartomizers. At first, closed ones appeared, and open ones became a kind of “evolution”.

Closed systems completely exclude the possibility of the smoker interfering in the process. The cartridge must not be refilled or fluid changed, nor a burned-out evaporator replaced. When the cartridge life goes out, it is simply replaced with another one.

Open systems are called systems that are no different from closed systems, with the exception of two factors – they allow refilling of the cartomizer, and sometimes replacement of the evaporator.

At the same time, such an opportunity should be provided by the manufacturer himself, and not by rough disassembly of the cartridge. Some closed systems can be refilled by “working with a file”, but this does not make them open.

In general, all hearths have approximately the same technical characteristics. For example, the soaring power almost always ranges from 10 to 20 W, and the battery capacity does not exceed 1000 mAh.

For people transitioning from tobacco, these characteristics are enough “with the head” to satisfy the nicotine hunger – the goal for which pods were invented. Unlike large mods, pod systems are lightweight, easily hidden in a fist, can be carried in a pocket of a jacket, economically consume liquid and battery power, and also look very stylish.

But the main advantage of pod systems is that they often use salt nicotine. This class of devices is generally created thanks to it.

Liquids with saline nicotine quench nicotine hunger in just 3–5 puffs due to their high strength and the absence of “throchitis” (a blow to the throat), which is typical for liquids with ordinary nicotine.

Salt nicotine is discussed in detail in our article of the same name.

When choosing a pod-system, it should be understood for what purpose the device is taken. If a steam worker just needs to “smoke” sometimes at the airport or a compact “travel” electronic cigarette is required, then closed systems are ideal. With them, you won’t have to worry about anything – everything is ready and “charged” for soaring.

For continued use, an open system would be a more economical option. The battery capacity directly affects autonomy, but also increases the size of the mod – for constant soaring, it is better to choose the option with a large battery.

Overview of compact electronic cigarettes. Pod systems: select a pod device

To get familiar with pod, we selected several open and closed systems. We chose models that have positive reviews, created by well-known companies and are available in Russian stores.

The presented devices are suitable for the “average smoker” and are approximately equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. In numbers, it looks like this:

Evaporating 1.5 ml of liquid (standard tank) takes about 300 mAh of battery.
To quench nicotine hunger, comparable to one pack of medium-sized cigarettes per day, 0.4 ml of liquid with a strength of 50 mg / ml is required. With a decrease in strength, more puffs will be required for “smoking”, which means more fluid.

In pod-systems, salt nicotine is mainly used, so it was he who was taken for calculations. There are also devices with “ordinary” nicotine, its average strength is about 12 mg / ml, but such a liquid will give less “smokiness”, but more steam.

Accordingly, a device with a 1.5 ml tank, 300 mAh battery capacity, and filled with liquid with saline nicotine, will work for 2 to 3 days without recharging and refueling.

If you use a weaker liquid, for example, 20 mg / ml, then the battery life will be reduced to one day, you may even have to recharge the pod. Fortunately, charging takes about 20 minutes, and replacing the cartridge takes a few seconds.

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