Joyetech eVic Supreme

Joyetech eVic Supreme

Joyetech eVic Supreme

eVic supreme

Meet the new king in the full-size battery mod market! Joyetech has released the new high-tech battery mod eVic Supreme , and now it’s as much as 30 watts of power in a stainless steel case.

Joyetech eVic Supreme


eVic has  grown by about the length of the skirt (length 139mm), at the waist it remains the same – 23mm. The case is now not aluminum, but steel, so the weight has also grown, along with the battery, the new eVic weighs about 194 grams. Pretty weighty. 

The overall design remained unchanged – a removable battery case, on one side of which a control module is attached to the thread, and on the other, the battery cover. 

On top of the control module, the length of which has radically increased due to the new screen, the connector 510, covered with a removable cylindrical skirt, is also steel. 

On the connector part, you can see four mounting bolts. The connector part of the new eVic is removable, and this is an obvious plus.

eVic supreme

The connector itself is also REMOVABLE and easily replaceable. It just unscrews from the connector part. 

So if someone was chased by problems with the connector on the previous model – they are in the past, now in the worst case, you only need to purchase rubles for 100 new connectors and replace it. 

An eGo external thread connector is not provided, but replaceable connectors with such an external thread may be on sale.

EVic supreme ego thread

The controls are also very similar to the previous model – this is a ring and a button. 

However, the ring became milled steel, and the principle of its operation has changed, now it goes in a circle 360 ​​degrees with pleasant pronounced “clicks”, like an eMode ring. 

The cover of the USB connector has disappeared, and thank God. The connector itself, as well as the ability to charge the battery from USB, and work with special MVR software have not gone away. 

On the contrary, MVR 2.0 is very prettier and has got a convenient and functional interface.


EVic supreme display

The most impressive part of the eVic supreme is, of course, the OLED display. He became twice as large in area and much better in pixel density, and learned to display 16 gradations of brightness. 

All this allows not only to show photographs and other pictures on the display, but also to have all the necessary and not very information on the main screen at once.

Six content positions, each of which is easy to configure to display certain data, and this is not counting the “status bar”, which shows the battery charge and a special “emoticon”, the color of which indicates the proximity of the set limits for puffs or time.

Very developed opportunities to set limits both in the number of puffs and in the total puff time.

It is possible to set the interval after which the counters will be reset to zero.

By the way, you can set a digital pin-code for inclusion – as a protection against children, for example. 

In this case, when you try to turn on the device, a numeric keypad appears on the screen, the numbers are selected with the wheel and confirmed with the button. 


The power or voltage control of the ring has an interesting feature – three consecutive clicks in one direction start a sequential automatic change of the value up or down at a very comfortable speed.

You can stop at the desired value either with the button or with another click of the ring.

However, you can simply rotate the ring until the desired power or voltage value is displayed on the screen.

In RVV and RVW modes, the new eVic supreme displays at the bottom of the screen the actual installed puff profile in a graph.

Pressing the button three times starts setting up content positions on the display.

By turning the ring in one direction, we sort out the positions, in the other – we change the operating mode of the selected position.

Calling up the menu – by pressing the button five times. In the same way, the operating modes change – VV, VW, rvv.

The setting of the corresponding content position is simply changed.

EVic Supreme batteries

The declared power is 30 watts, the voltage limit is 6.0 V. It is clear that with this maximum voltage, 30 watts can be removed only at a low-impedance load, but here the limit is very low, 0.5 ohms.

Naturally, you need a battery with good current output, and this model will be equipped.

However, no one bothers to use other batteries, with less impact and more capacity – depending on what is more important for a particular user.

Equipped with a new eVic will be a high-current battery SONY US18650VTC4

EVic supreme battery

Voltage measurement results (stand – 2.2 Ohm ceramic resistor, Turnugy wattmeter, Panasonic 3400 battery freshly charged): 

3 B – 2.94 B
4 B – 3.93 B
5 B – 4.92 B
6 B – 5.88 B

As you can see, everything is pretty accurate under such conditions, no significant drawdowns are observed. A power of 15.7 watts was achieved with ease, to obtain more power, you must already reduce the load resistance.

However, there we rather quickly ran into the battery’s ability to deliver the required current.

eVic supreme

Using a laboratory PSU, the current consumed by the device when charging the battery was measured. 

As expected, it was 500mA, standard for USB ports.

If you remove the plastic washer securing the battery from the battery cup from the first version of eVic, then this glass can also be used with the new eVic supreme, which means that it will be possible to use 18350 batteries in a shortened version of the cup:

EVic supreme control unit

And here in this picture is an eVic supreme with a black aluminum battery case from the first version of eVic:

The first version of eVic

About the possible fragility

I took it apart. Inside the plastic cup is a solid cylindrical metal chassis with a window under the display and a hole for the button and USB connector. Pretty massive.

From above, the connector part is attached to it with four screws. Sealing with silicone gasket.

eVic supreme parsing

So there’s not even any studs, there’s a piece of metal inside. All, so to speak, mistakes of youth are taken into account and completely corrected. Of course, everything can be broken, but in this case it will not be easy.

A plastic cup is pressed onto this chassis tightly, without gaps, so it will not be too easy to damage it unless you hit it pointedly at the display area, where there is a large window.

eVic supreme inside

Here is this black thing where the screws are screwed into – a metal chassis. We managed to take a closer look at the pictures – it seems that it’s still not continuous, but with slots on the sides where the ends of the board enter. 

That is, roughly speaking – two half-cylinders, reinforced by cylindrical influx-uprights, into which screws are screwed.

One half-cylinder is continuous with a hole for the pusher button, the other with a large window for the display almost its entire length.

In general, I think the issue of “fragility” can be closed.

As I already said, everything can be broken, but specifically it will not be easy to break, and if it falls, it will break, somewhere in thinner places, most likely in the connector.

The metal in the head chassis, in general, is exactly as much as it was possible to place at all.

So, Joyetech managed to maintain the technological advantage of the previous model, but at the same time get rid of all its shortcomings – the power became even excessive, a solid case appeared for lovers of solidity, they figured out radically with mechanical strength, and the possibilities in terms of control, settings and comfort became even greater.

Well, the most interesting is the price. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer is about 7,000 rubles, and, apparently, for about this price the new model will appear on sale. The first batch should come to us in the second half of May.

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