IPV V3-mini

IPV V3-mini

IPV V3-mini (autosquonker)

A very interesting copy came here to me – an autoskvonker, and besides AIO. Such creations appeared recently – at the moment, if my memory serves me, there are only four such devices. So, I plan to introduce you to one of them.

IPV V3-mini

Dimensions: 78 x 46.5 x 17.5mm
Weight: 133g Case
material: zinc alloy + plastic
Power: built-in 1400mAh
Chipset: YiHi SX635J
Cartridge capacity: 3.5ml
Output power: 6 – 25W
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V Operation
mode : POWER (two modes), TC
Temperature range:356 ℉ – 500 ℉ / 180 ℃ – 260 ℃
Protection: against low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharge / overdischarge
Connector type: steel, NOT! 510, pin is gold-plated, spring loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes, IPS HD
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.9A
Color: see photo below


Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: maintenance-free
Evaporators: 0.3 / 1.0Ω
Capacity : miserable
Diameter: 14mm
Height: 24.5mm with drip type
Connector: NOT! 510, pin gilded
Weight: 5.5g
Color: only gray color

– V3-mini mod
– Elf ADA 0.3Ω
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card Thekit

looks very original in appearance – you can not confuse this with anything. Moreover, if the mod looks more or less “decent”, then the atomizer, or I don’t even know how to call it better – let there be a drip, completely spoils the remnants of personality. Well, oh well, let’s leave the aesthetic component to the conscience of the developers – nevertheless, everyone has different tastes.

A complete atomizer by design resembles a drip, but the unpleasant news is that it is maintenance-free. However, we will return to this point. The base or base is made of metal, but the dome is with a fixed drip type made of plastic. Airflow adjustment is present – standard construct – dome rotation, two air sampling openings. The puff turned out from fairly loose to the level of medium tightness – quite similar to MTL. By the way, the spiral is not blown directly from both sides (as in drips with lateral blowing), but from below – later in the photo you will see this.

In total, two types of “drip” are offered for sale – the resistance is different, but there will be only one in the kit. So, if a larger one can be used quite comfortably in conjunction with liquids with a high content of nicotine, including saline, then a smaller one can easily serve “regular” liquids. I suppose you noticed a squonk pin at the bottom. Yes, in fact, it is a squonker and slurry is supplied to the drip along a path we know is from an external reservoir. The bottom of the connector is sealed by the oring, therefore, not a drop of liquid inside the connector is a mod, or I did not see it outside. The cost of a pair of such drips is about 10 dollars.

The flavor is quite decent for a device of this segment. You can clearly distinguish the ingredients of the liquid, even if only the main ones, but I didn’t get enough steam saturation. The last statement, I believe, appeared here only because of the inability to set up a really tight puff, as I like. Therefore, I suppose that the majority will arrange everything in this regard.

Now back to the possibility of service. This can be arranged here, but the whole question is in the “price”. The most problematic is to remove the dome – it sits almost tight, although it rotates to adjust. The convex ring marked on the photo with an arrow holds it at the base. In general, removing it is problematic – as you can see, I had to pick up the dome, but this is only for speed. After all, I took it dry (before that it was not in use).

Feel ???  - IPV V3-mini ...

But the second-hand, I think, it will not be so difficult to disassemble, since it rotates easily, and the slurry will penetrate into all possible cracks, forming the necessary lubricant. After removing it, no more problems should arise. We take out the insulator, cotton and change everything – there is a nuance – the inner hole of the squonk pin is covered from above with an oblong sheet of cotton. However, the whole process is complicated by the individual dimension of the connector – it is not the 510th, it is wider. I do not recommend pulling off the dome from the drip loop wound onto the mod – the mod connector can lead and hi. It’s ideal to pick up an “external connector”, wind a drip onto it, which was in use (carefully lubricated from the inside with slurry) and drag the dome from it. I think success will be guaranteed.

IPV V3-mini

We pass to fashion. It was made interesting – I always liked the originality of the thoughts of IPV developers. From the decor, only plastic inserts with a print – in fact, they do not look. The mod is bolshevik compared to competitors, but flat, the edges are smoothed, the corners for a more comfortable hold are cut down. Hence, quite normal ergonomics, it’s convenient to operate with “any”, except the right forefinger, finger.

IPV V3-mini

The landing pad is steel, the connector looks reliable. There is absolutely no sense in discussing the maximum of its landing, because apart from complete atoms, you can’t wind anything here.

IPV V3-mini

The control panel is focused on the front side. The fire button is large enough in a convenient location. It is a little convex, it seems that it is made of metal, the stroke is small, the press is smooth, the click is barely audible – everything is buzzing. The remaining control keys are similar – it’s nice to use all this economy. The display is small, HD resolution, information provides only the most necessary, but sufficient. The brightness is not adjustable, but quite decent.

Built-in battery of good capacity, to measure the capacity, I planted it for almost two days on a larger resistance evaporator. The full charge cycle lasts about an hour and a half, while you can soar. The connector for these purposes is placed by the developers at the bottom of the device.

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