IJust Start + Review

IJust Start + Review


Let’s start, as usual, with the exterior. We don’t know how in the photo, but in life iJust Start Plus looks very cute, elegant and neat. In principle, the initial level at which the manufacturer set it outwardly does not betray itself, there are no conspicuous signs of economy or simplification. Well, except that the silicone ring adjusts the air supply, but about it a little later.

Especially in today’s times, they are very pleasantly surprised by the very small size and weight. If we proceed only from the diameter (19 mm in our case), then it might seem that the novelty should be close in size to eGo ONE, but in fact, due to the less capacious battery (1600mAh) it is much shorter (120.5 mm in iJust Start Plus ), and due to other materials of the case it is much easier – only 80 grams assembled. It looks and feels in the hand much more elegant than eGo ONE.

The button is also pleasing – it is round, large and with a clearly visible indicator ring around. We admit that the same eGo ONE was somewhat annoying with the need to peer at the faint glow of the indicator under the button, but there are no such problems: everything lights up and displays as it should.

A USB charging port is located opposite the button in the upper part of the case – this is rather a plus, because this means that there is only one board inside the battery that combines charge and power circuits. Fewer boards – less likely to fail.

The connector is standard, 510th, and, thank God, they did not forget to make it spring-loaded. But the battery has no adjustments, here it is no different from the eGo ONE battery. There is no voltage stabilizer – which means that it will fall as the battery discharges.

The indicator around the button behaves in a quite familiar way: blinks five times when it is locked / unlocked, three times when it is short-circuited, lights when it is puffed, and also turns on a couple of seconds after puffing to show the battery charge. He does it the same way as the eGo ONE indicator – either lights up continuously for a while, or starts to wink slowly or quickly. The faster it winks, the less charge is left in the battery. And also its lower half is able to glow red during charging.

GS Air 2 iJust Start Plus Silicone Ring

 GS Air 2 iJust Start Plus


All, let’s leave the battery alone, there’s definitely nothing more to say about it, and we’ll take up the clearomizer. It is called GS Air 2, and I must say that there are these three GS Air 2 as many as three pieces – with diameters of 14, 16 and 19 millimeters. IJust Start uses a clearomizer with a diameter of 16 mm., IJust Start Plus – 19 mm. Well, a little brother with a diameter of 14mm. found shelter in the iStick Basic kit , where it feels pretty good. Keep in mind that the models are 16 and 19 mm. may also be sold under the name “iJust Start Clearomizer” or “iJust Start Plus Clearomizer”.

The clearomizer is perfect for the battery in design and materials, it has a tempered glass tank that protects the silicone ring put on the base. This ring also acts as an air supply regulator – we already saw such a solution with iJust 2 . Here, the manufacturer kills two birds with one stone with one well-aimed shot: it reduces the cost of production and introduces the protection of a glass tank in the event of a fall.

The manufacturer does not report the tank capacity, but we were not too lazy and found it out with a syringe – so, a 19 mm clearomizer holds 2.5 ml, and a 2.3 milliliter liquid fits into a 16 mm clearomizer. Not bad for such a baby.

Refueling is the most common, the same as on most modern clearomizers – directly into the tank, which must first be unscrewed from the base.

The mouthpiece is also regular, 510th, and quite pleasant – it is transparent acrylic in the steel model, and black acrylic in black. Such mouthpieces are very popular among steam workers, especially in the cold season.

The most interesting, of course, is inside: it is there that you can find the heart of any clearomizer, its replaceable evaporator. The iJust Start evaporators are exactly the ones we expected to see – GS in version 0.75 Ohm. These evaporators have a natural cotton wick, a vertical spiral and can operate on power up to 25 watts. By the way, about the same amount of power is produced by a fully charged battery without adjustments with an evaporator of such resistance, so we can say that the evaporators work at full strength here. Nothing prevents, of course, using other options for GS evaporators, but this is unlikely to be a suitable solution for such a battery – the output power will be too small: if with a 0.75 Ohm evaporator it will drop from 24 to 14 watts as the battery discharges, then with GS evaporators with high resistance 1,

Well, the proposed 25 watts is enough to really enjoy the soaring. We poured liquid into the tank and found that the model was steaming no worse than it looked – just as elegant, neat and quite tasty. Do not expect clouds of steam and other joys of the “provider” from her, but she will only please the beginner. In general, it must be admitted that the new version of the GS evaporator at 0.75 Ohms was completely successful, although its first parties did not please us at all. It was a success and the novelty as a whole – a pretty, small and pleasant electronic cigarette that will take root perfectly in any pocket or purse.

We can safely recommend it to beginners, as well as to more sophisticated vapers as a backup or “output” option. The relative minus follows, in fact, from the merits – at present, the battery capacity of 1600 mAh is unlikely to seem too large to anyone. However, with not too intensive use there is a hope that the battery, nevertheless, will last until the evening.

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