How do you cancel E Cig free trial to avoid auto enrolment

Free trials are always fun to sign up for, but don’t look away because there is often a catch. When you order e-cigarettes, the companies offering the product will place the customer into an automated shipping membership. In most cases, this is not an issue as you will enjoy the product and continue through with the purchase. However, in the case that you are not satisfied with the product cancelling the trial period is a process in its own. If the trial period is not cancelled as it says in the ‘terms and conditions’, your account will be charged. When you sign up for it, you are agreeing to these terms.

With most companies you should go to the ‘terms and conditions’ listed at the bottom of the home page. These terms list all of the clauses based on the trials being offered for the e-cigarettes. In order to cancel the free trial, there is a phone number listed that has to be called to cancel the trial offer.

The number is often listed under the ‘purchasing the product’ section in the terms. It is important to know the ‘trial period’ listed by each company. You can only cancel within this trial period before being charged. It is usually around 14 days (including time of shipping).

Any free trial program that comes with a ‘starter kit’ expects the kit to be shipped back after you cancel. If you decide to not return the kit within the trial period, your credit card is charged after the time runs out. It is important to return the ‘starter kit’ as soon as possible after making the phone call to the company. Most companies have their address listed on the website in order to know where to ship the starter kit to. All of this information can be found in the ‘terms and conditions’ section of the website.

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