EGo AIO Review

EGo AIO Review
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AIO Review

When a couple of months ago Joyetech presented a completely new system of evaporators with Cubis clearomizer, in our review we took the liberty to assume that, having turned the clearomizer design upside down, Joyetech is preparing another small revolution in mass devices for soaring, and it’s obviously not going to be limited to only one clearomizer model. Yes, and for the undoubted “hit” of the last year, the eGo One model came up with a replacement period for another simple and inexpensive popular model. As a result, we got the potentially most popular electronic cigarette of 2016 – eGo AIO .

With the old, but popular name, as you see, Joyetech is in no hurry to part, and the acronym AIO means “All in One” – all in one, or one for all. Let’s see what a device with such an ambitious name is capable of.

Two in one

I affirm
I affirm

The appearance of AIO immediately attracts attention – the design can be called unconventional for cylindrical models, all the presented options are somehow two-tone. But the main surprise – the AIO has no connector at all or even a hint of it – the clearomizer and the battery case are a single unit, the windows for controlling the liquid level (by the way, are very large and comfortable, apparently the manufacturer took into account the experience with the predecessor) are cut right into housing, which housed the battery, and the control and charging board, and the button. And if you ask how to fill the liquid in this case, remember Cubiswith its completely “deaf” lower part, and with a replaceable evaporator, which is lowered into the tank with liquid from above, fastened to the top cover of the atomizer. That is, the only thing you can unscrew and remove in the AIO is the top cover, followed by the replaceable evaporator.

And if you look into the opened “vent” of the tank, then there is literally nothing but a flat contact pad at the bottom, which the evaporator touches when the cap is screwed into place. Naturally, you can refuel it even from a bucket – the diameter of the filling hole coincides with the inner diameter of the electronic cigarette itself. It’s convenient, of course, although the liquid does not fit into a bucket at all, but only 2 milliliters. But the design was turned upside down not only for this – the completely sealed lower part of the tank completely eliminates leaks, liquids now, with all the desire, have nowhere to go, all openings are exclusively on top. Air enters from above, passes down to a replaceable evaporator, there it makes a “combat turn” by 180 degrees, simultaneously saturated with steam, and already exits through the mouthpiece in the form of steam. Unusual, right? But we already saw this before, in Cubis,replaceable BF evaporators , like the new eGo AIO.

However, the hero (or heroine?) Of our review also boasts unique “tricks” – for example, you can’t just turn the lid off for refueling, it has built-in protection against children that is already well-known to all the smokers. If you just turn the cover clockwise or counterclockwise, it will rotate freely, and if you really want to remove it, you need to press it from above when rotating.

refueling eGo AIO

Such is the concern for the younger generation. By the way, the presence of protection did not prevent the air supply adjustment system from being placed under the cover: to make the puff more loose or tighter, you also need to rotate the cover, and in order to understand what position the air valve is in, on the fixed base of the mouthpiece and on the rotating The ring has special tags. Combined them – the puff is the loosest, turned about a quarter of a turn in one direction or another – the puff becomes tighter. Not very familiar, but it works, and does not create any real inconvenience. As well as protection from children, unless, of course, its existence is not forgotten, trying to remove the cover for refueling.

On taste and color

Another interesting feature, for which, apparently, you need to thank the “solid” design of the body is a nice colored illumination of the liquid in the tank. It turns on when the button is pressed, it also signals the battery level. In principle, backlit clearomizers, although infrequently, still occurred, but with AIO you can even change its color if you turn off the cigarette with five taps and hold the main button for a bit. The backlight will turn on, and with a short press on the button you can choose the color that suits your mood – red, blue, green, blue, purple. Or even turn off the backlight if it bothers you. True, in this case, you turn off the indication of the remaining battery charge.

As for charging, there is a familiar micro-USB socket for it approximately in the middle of the case, and while charging, the liquid in the tank is highlighted in red, regardless of which backlight color you choose. We tried to soar in the “pastra” mode, without disconnecting the cigarette from charging – everything works fine. A battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh is charged with a current of 1A, and does it quite quickly, for a full charge you will have a couple of hours. As in eGo ONE, there is no power control or stabilizer in AIO. This means that as the battery discharges, the power will gradually decrease, and it can be regulated by installing evaporators with different resistance.

color backlight eGo AIO

The delivery set includes two “steel” (SS316) BF evaporators with a resistance of 0.6 Ohms, with a declared power of up to 28 watts. With these evaporators, when the battery is fully charged, the power should be approximately 25-26 watts. You can put a BF of 0.5 Ohms, and we tried to do it. With such an evaporator, the power should rise a little, up to about 28-30 watts, and judging by the sensations, this is what happens. In principle, the BF line of evaporators also has a SS316 1.0 Ohm, as well as a serviced evaporator, originally wound with a 0.75 Ohm coil. We also tried to install them in AIO, the result was exactly the one that we expected – everything works, the power changes according to the resistance of the installed evaporator. The 1.0 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm evaporators seemed to us the most delicious, the 0.5 Ohm evaporator proved to be the most “vapor-rich”. Complete evaporators BF 0.

I affirm
I affirm

Options and specifications

If any of you had experience hovering the Cubis clearomizer, you know that Joyetech engineers learned how to leak it with a complete “flip” of construction, but in return he got the habit of sometimes “spitting” liquid, which could confuse an inexperienced sweater. In the new product, the developers took into account such a feature of BF evaporators, and provided the AIO with a tricky mouthpiece, inside which there is an intricate spiral partition, as if “blocking” the steam bath from the evaporator, but not at all interfering with the passage of steam. However, for connoisseurs of classics, there is also a completely ordinary transparent acrylic mouthpiece in the kit, exactly the one for which we love the old acquaintance eGo ONE. Also in the kit you can find a USB cable for charging, instructions and two BF 0.6 Ohm evaporators, this exhausts the contents of the box. However, everything you need and sufficient, as you see, is in it, you just have to add the liquid – and you can start to soar.For order, let me give you the formal numbers of characteristics:

  • Length with mouthpiece: 118 mm.
  • Diameter: 19 mm.
  • Weight: 75 gr.
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh.
  • Liquid tank capacity: 2 ml.

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