Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes Explained

Electronic cigarettes, sometimes referred to as e-cigs, are battery operated devices that are specifically designed to be smoked just like the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unlike the conventional tobacco cigarettes, these devices use nicotine vapor instead of tobacco. The nicotine liquid that is inhaled as vapor has the same feeling like the one from a normal cigarette. These devices are increasingly being adopted by a lot of people today as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. This is because of the following benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Health benefits
This is among the most significant benefits of electronic cigarettes. They have very few health effects to their users as compared to the traditional cigarettes. This is because they only contain nicotine and a few other substances that enhance taste. The traditional cigarette contains harmful ingredients for example acetone, arsenic, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances. All this are very harmful to your health. On top of that they are healthy in terms of discolored teeth and yellow fingers.

No passive smokers
Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke. This means that people around an e-cig smoker will not be affected by the vapor. Unlike the conventional cigarette where everybody within the vicinity of the smoker will be affected by the smoke, e cigarette doesn’t affect people around. As the vapor is produced it vanishes into the air unnoticed. This means that you can smoke e-cigarette freely without worrying about affecting other people around you.

This is also among the many benefits of electronic cigarettes. E-cigs do not need a lighter or a matchstick to light. On top of that they do not have real flames. This means that cigarette fires and accidents are eliminated. On top of that they leave no residues which means there is no need for ash trays. In short they are more hygienic as compared to the traditional cigarette.

They have no distinctive smell
You can easily tell who smokes the tobacco cigarettes simply from the way they smell. This is because the smoke clings and gets into almost everything from the clothes to the hair to the car to almost anything around. This is because of the burning tar and this smell is very disgusting. But e-cigs have better smell in fact they come in a variety of flavors to be only enjoyed by the smoker.

In summary the above benefits of electronic cigarettes show that these devices are much better than the traditional cigarette, but this does not mean that they do not have their negative side.

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