Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

The safety of Electronic Cigarettes is a question many consumers and health experts are wondering. Electronic Cigarettes are new to the market, and not much is known about them as traditional cigarettes. In addition, questions about their safety have arrived due to a lack of knowledge among many. Electronic cigarettes are basically inhalers, that use a vaporizer to heat liquid nicotine and flavoring. The device is powered by a small, lithium ion battery. However, instead of smoke like traditional cigarettes, vapor or a mist is emitted. The vapor, of course, is completely odorless and the smell won’t linger all over your house and car unlike regular cigarettes. Also, vapor is far healthier than inhaling thick tobacco smoke.Therefore, those who use them, technically can not be referred to as smokers. For many reasons, they are amazing alternatives to those who smoke regular cigarettes, and a much safer option.

Electronic cigarettes give users a clean nicotine dosage, without the use of harmful tobacco. Being able to extract nicotine from tobacco leaves alleviates many of the dangers associated with tobacco smoke, making it a safe way for users to get a nicotine fix. These dangers include the hundreds of toxins that are in tobacco smoke, and the dangerous amount of tar that gets in smoker’s lungs as a result of burning tobacco leaves. The tar from tobacco stays attached to lungs, resulting in dozens of health complications for smokers. Clogged arteries are also a major downside to those who choose to smoke traditional cigarettes. Lastly, second hand smoke is a concern that traditional cigarette smokers have to live with when they smoke in public places, cars with other people, or for some in their homes with children.

Electronic cigarettes users don’t have this concern, as there is no such thing as second hand vapor. Due to the nicotine being already inhaled, the second hand vapor would just have small amounts of flavouring. It isn’t necessary to have to withstand these dangers for those who enjoy the feeling of nicotine. For just these reasons alone, electronic cigarettes are a much safer and healthier alternative than traditional cigarettes. The vapor does no damage whatsoever to lungs, as it cannot leave tar. The simplicity of E-cigs makes it so there are, at most, only three chemicals: nicotine, the flavoring solvent propylene glycol and the flavoring. This allows for no deadly or harmful side effects, such as the ones for traditional cigarettes. The amount of nicotine on an electronic cigarette depends on the cartridge that is installed. These vary in levels from values of the amount of a normal cigarette, to lighter levels of nicotine, all the way down to electronic cigarettes with no form of nicotine at all. All the cartridges have safe levels of nicotine in them. To conclude, e-cigs are a far safer way than traditional cigarettes to take in nicotine.

Despite the many advantages to inhaling vapor instead of smoke, health complications may arise due to the nicotine involved. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, which can hinder the safety of it. Although previous nicotine addicts will satisfy their craving in a far healthier way than using normal cigarettes, many people may want to try nicotine for the first time with electronic cigarettes due to their various advantages over normal cigarettes. The high percentage for addiction with nicotine can get many users hooked on the it. The FDA also does not currently regulate the electronic cigarette industry, and this can cause shady manufacturers to use additional, possibly harmful, chemicals in their products. However, there have not been any major reports of health complications or sickness solely due to the nicotine in electronic cigarettes. One major risk is the concern for child involvement with this new type of cigarette.

Underagers may be attracted to the candy like flavors present in electronic cigarettes such as lemon, grape, and strawberry. Also, due to loopholes in the law, purchasing electronic cigarettes is much easier for underage teens or kids, because of the eighteen and older law only applying to those who want to purchase tobacco. Due to electronic cigarettes not being made of tobacco, and just nicotine, many online stores may actually sell to underage people. The health risks of young men and woman getting addicted to nicotine at such a young age can be drastic.

When all is said and done, the answer is yes, electronic cigarettes are safe to use, as long as you are an adult. Nicotine has no harmful effects when taking in the pure form that e-cigs allow, and all evidence points towards no harmful side effects after using e-cigs for a long term. In short, electronic cigarettes are an amazing addition to the nicotine industry. They are easily the safest way to take in nicotine, far safer than those who chew tobacco, or those who smoke regular cigarettes. The use of vapor, instead of smoke, allows for no lung damage, and no risk of tar or clogged arteries. Our e-cig brands are a great start for those who wish to make the switch over.

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